In the third week of March, we were finally on our way to GDC after having wanted to go for the past few years. Not only were we attending, but we were exhibiting Skye in the Indie Medgabooth!

Indie Megabooth have a presence at PAX, E3, and GDC, and it's a chance for small developers to showcase their games at big events as part of a curated selection. We had an amazing set up - a nice big TV and super comfy beanbags - so it was a fantastic way to play Skye! We were next to two great games, Carto by Sunhead Games and Above by Mighty Moth Games.

Can you spot us?

Skye had a great reception, both from other developers and from the press. This was a really nice article written about it, and we were featured on not one, but two TV stations!

As well as having a space in the Indie Megabooth, we were supported by Scottish Development International who had a very cool booth in the expo hall. It was a space for us to take a few meetings and where people could ask for more information about the company.

We were out in San Francisco for the full week, so after showcasing the game for the first two days we were able to attend the conference talks. It was really inspiring, both when it came to the game and personally, to listen to industry professionals with years of experience talk with so much wisdom about their areas of development.

Even though it was raining for the first few days, being in SF was fantastic, and we even got out for a bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge on our last day!

When we finally got home after an absolutely hectic week, it was really nice to see a couple of articles including Skye in their best of GDC lists. We're definitely hoping to go again next year after such an amazing experience!