Hi everyone!

I'm Cian, Managing Director of Puny Astronaut. In general I'm responsible for running the studio, steering development of our games, and making sure everyone is able to do their jobs without any problems standing in their way.

We're finally starting a studio blog to talk about what it's like developing our first game Skye, and any other news that comes up along the way. You might have heard that we just made a huge announcement - we've received an investment from 4J Studios, the developers of the console editions of Minecraft! I know, it's crazy! The investment will mean we can launch Skye from a quick, small title into a way bigger, way more ambitious project. We knew Skye was destined to be big and beautiful, and now it will be! We couldn't be happier.

Right now we're focusing on our first adventure to GDC, where we're showcasing Skye in the amazing Indie Megabooth. It'll be a chance for us to listen to some amazing talks - which will come in very useful as we move forward with building upon our work so far - and to meet loads of talented developers.

In the coming weeks the rest of the team will be posting about their roles and the work they're doing on Skye. We've already started on some amazing improvements which we hope you'll love!

The super good-looking team :p

The super good-looking team :p